Who We Are

Best Life Events Inc. is an “Adventure Backpack” company that provides Entertainment, Wellness and Financial Event Seminars for the International Traveler. We’re building a reputation for the creation of top notch travel to musical cruise charters and simply empowering our clients.

Our Services

  • Event Planning
  • International Excursions
  • Social Networking
  • Health & Wellness
  • Life Planning

Benefits to you


Grow Your Business

You’ll never know where the next opportunity will come from. Our coaches and programs will show you how to create endless opportunities for your business and life.


Health Equals Wealth

Understanding how one’s health and wellness relates to creating prosperity and endless opportunities through affirmations and planning is critical.


Financial Preparedness

Financial fitness is necessary now more than ever. Our programs and coaches will help you establish a step-by-step plan to create the life you want to live.